Impartiality and Quality

Impartiality and Quality


  • It will carry out certification activities independently from all parties related to the subject,
  • Personnel, committees and external personnel operating on behalf of EUROPASS will work away from all kinds of commercial, financial and other pressures that may affect the results of the certification process,
  • All employees will refrain from any behavior that may damage the reputation and reputation of organizations seeking to obtain certificates and organizations that have commercial relations with EUROPASS,
  • Within the scope of certification and audit activities, non-objective comments and evaluations will not be made, all kinds of behaviors that may adversely affect organizations will be avoided, bias and intolerance will not be biased and independent,
  • No organization will be certified in order to provide certification services,
  • Employees and persons acting on their behalf will not provide consultancy services to certified organizations,
  • Its employees will not engage in any activity that would conflict with the independence of certification activities,
  • During the certification process, regarding the management systems of the organizations to be certified, there will be no relations with competitors,
  • All relevant parties can access certification services, in this case unnecessary financial burden or other conditions will not be imposed and all rules and documents that have to be complied with will be applied without discrimination,
  • In order to protect the confidentiality of the information obtained during the certification activities at all levels of its organization, including the committees and persons acting on its behalf, the existing accreditation law, regulations and communiqués will be complied with,
  • Information about a specific product or certified organization will not be disclosed to a third party without the written consent of the relevant organization,
  • In the event that such information is disclosed to third parties in accordance with laws, regulations and communiqués, the certified organization will be informed about this information provided as permitted by the relevant laws, regulations and communiqués
  • Confidentiality and security of all kinds of information, documents and documents belonging to organizations will be ensured,
  • No geographical restrictions will be applied in the provision of certification services,
  • He will pay all kinds of legal compensation in case of proven damages that may arise from him,
  • The financial resources required for the operation of the certification system will be continuously protected and maintained by being supported by the personal assets of the company partners,
  • Organizations that the owners are partners with or are involved in in any way will not be certified,
  • The use of the services will not depend on the size of the applicant organization or its membership of any association or group and the number of certified organizations,
  • No privileges will be given to the associations, societies and non-governmental organizations of which the owners are members,
  • Another certification body will not be certified for management system certification activities,
  • Will not offer or provide management system consultancy in any way.
  • It will not offer internal audit to its certified customers and will not perform internal audit,
  • Customers who have received internal audit or consultancy services on management systems,
  • will not certify the certification body between its organization and EUROPASS in a situation that may pose a threat to its neutrality
  • He does not and will not have any relationship with any consulting firm regarding ownership, administration, management, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts,
  • Not to use management system consultancy organizations as outsourcing in audit works,
  • Certification activities will not be marketed or offered in connection with management system consultancy organizations,
  • In case of improper claims by using the name of the consultancy organizations stating that certification would be simpler, easier, faster and cheaper, it will take all kinds of measures, including resorting to legal remedies, to correct this situation,
  • In order to ensure that there is no conflict of interest, he will not assign any personnel in the management system consultancy to the customer in the audit or other certification activities for two years following the end of the consultancy,
  • All personnel or committees, internally or externally, that may affect the certification activities, create assurance with the contracts made to act impartially and also will not allow any commercial, financial or other pressures that will jeopardize impartiality,
  • It declares and undertakes that it will ask internal or external personnel to report any situation that may put them or the EUROPASS in a conflict of interest, and will use this information as input that identifies threats to impartiality arising from the activities of such personnel or organizations .


As EUROPASS, while performing the certification services we provide in our sector, it has adopted the principle of continuing its activities in a fast, honest, ethical manner without compromising customer satisfaction and making a difference among its competitors thanks to its permanent values. Based on this purpose;

In order to meet consistent and permanent customer satisfaction at the levels and above we target, to conduct audits that provide added value to organizations at affordable costs, to select

all our personnel who are related to our certification, training and auditing activities from among the candidates who are suitable for our ethics, qualified, open to development and self-confident, and Continuous training to contribute to their personal development,

Selecting our auditors and technical experts who will carry out our audit activities at the training, experience and qualification levels stipulated by ISO / IEC17020, ISO / IEC 17021-1, ISO / IEC 17065, ISO / TS 22003, ISO / IEC 27006 and ISO 50003 standards,

Within the scope of the standards we provide certification service, following the legal and regulatory requirements published by the relevant institutions and performing our auditing activities with up-to-date information,

Ensuring that all scientific, administrative and legal studies for the elimination of the dangers posed by food products on public health can be successful, organizations act with a systematic and comprehensive perspective, and necessary evaluations are made to ensure that organizations are made aware of their activities,

Ensuring the awareness of organizations by controlling the identification and classification of risks that may arise from food and that may threaten public health at every stage from production to consumption, and to inspect the risks that are determined to cause harm, how much damage they can cause and to what extent they can be eliminated with various interventions

Information Security Management Systems established and implemented by organizations Ensuring that it is audited within the framework of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability principles,

To provide services in a consistent and reliable manner in terms of inspection parameters, quantity, quality, safety, suitability for use, continuous safety suitability of the facility or systems being operated, so that the general criteria we apply for the acceptance of the services we provide by customers and inspection authorities comply with the European standard. to ensure its execution,

Impartiality and Quality