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About Us


IAF - International Accreditation Forum "International Accreditation Form", APAC - The Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation "Asia Pacific Accreditation Association", a member of the United Picture Accreditation Organization; By the NAC National Accreditation Center "National Accreditation Center";

EUROPASS-EU: It is an International Certification and Audit Institution accredited in accordance with the Standard of Requirements for Organizations that Ensure the Audit and Certification of Management Systems - ISO / IEC 17021-1 Conformity Assessment. Click for the accreditation document.

EUROPASS-CERT: The American National Standards Institute Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP) is the conformity assessment body to ensure the international accreditation of educational institutions for the ASTM E2659-18 STANDARD (Accreditation of Certification Programs). Click for the accreditation document.

EUROPASS-EDU: Lead Auditor and QMS Auditor training / examination provider with IPC (The International Personnel Certification Association) International Auditor Training Certification accreditation. Click for the accreditation document.

EUROPASS-CARD: Documentation of the required management-general conditions (europass management systems standard> contract) of the providers providing formal and distance education services.

The certification of the paper certificate issued / approved by the official training authorities and / or the Europass brand name and / or the logo as an electronic certificate, and the verification of the training documents with a single card all over the world, and Electronic Certificate / Smart ID Card It is the Only International Conformity Assessment Body licensed to use it Click for license certificate

About Us